Rosmerta Technologies Ltd. The largest E-governence infrastructure company. Rosmerta Technologies plays a major role in adding on to the Smart-Card based Driver’s License project in India. The driving licence is a chip-based ID document that entitles a specific person to drive a certain category of vehicle. The terminal also encodes a list of most frequent driving penalties and enables the policeman to write into the chip the corresponding code each time the driver breaks the law, as well as other details such as the date and place, requires staff at all RTO locations across Karnataka State.

1. ZONAL MANAGERS - (12) : PG/ Degree with 3 yrs experience, Operational skills, Strong implementation skills.

2. DATABASE ADMINS - (6) : MCA/BCA with 3 yrs experienceg,Strong DATABASE skills,troubleshoting.

3. DATA ENTRY OPERATORS - (75) : PUC/Degree with 1 yrs experience,Computer knowledge.

4. CASHIER - (65) : PUC/Degree with 1 yrs experience.

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