Vehicle Tracking System

Multitrack Vehicle Tracking System (VTS):

Remote vehicle tracking and monitoring for effective utilization of resources and for building an information interface through which the consumers as well as the fleet owners can keep a track of the good and vehicles.

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) which provides the vehicle’s Geographical Position in terms of latitude, longitude and altitude.
  • Real - Time Track & Trace System collects location and telemetric data at regular interval.
  • Data thus collected in the Vehicle Mounted Hardware Unit is transferred to Web Application using Wireless Communication Technology.
  • At any given point of time, the movement of the vehicle/container can be tracked and traced on a map to the point of utmost accuracy.

Multitrack Varieties:

  • Multitrack Smart - Basic Tracking
  • Multitrack Intelligent - Tracking device with fuel measurement Other Sensor
  • Multitrack RFID - RFID based School Transport Automation
  • Multitrack Power - With Higher Battery Backup

Multitrack features:

  • Vehicle position data: Latitude, longitude and altitude
  • Vehicle speed data with time stamp
  • Protocol: TCP (default) & UDP
  • Online and Offline tracking
  • Storage capability of 20,000 Records (approx. 15 days of Data) in Offline mode
  • Locate and remote configuration through GPRS/SMS
  • Anti-theft function: remote immobilization of the vehicle by sending a command through GPRS/SMS
  • 4 digital inputs, 2 digital outpurs, 2 analogue inputs
  • Sensors:  Digital- Door, AC ; Analogue- Fuel measurement with Resolution of 100 ml.
  • Accurate measurement of distance travelled
  • Built in Antenna for GPS, External Antenna for GSM - Geo-fencing
  • Tracking on 7 maps
  • Instantaneous vehicle location data in tabular format
  • Various types of reports to suite customer’s requirement
  • Various alerts: Email & SMS notifications in case of main power disconnection, ignition ON/OFF, AC misuse, immobilizer, fuel pilferage, device tampering
  • Distance measurement tool provided for route planning - History tracking for monitoring of vehicle movement for selected period
  • ‘Track on Demand’ function supported by both device and server trough SMS - Automatic switching of Tracking from GPS to GSM incase of unavailability of GPS signals
  • 24*7 surveillance & customer support

Multitrack diversified segment of uses:

  • Mining industry
  • Transport and logistics
  • Schools
  • GPS tracking for Police PCR Vans
  • Cash delivery vans
  • Hospitals vans and ambulances
  • Government cars
  • Call centers/ BPOs
  • Call Taxi/Cabs
  • Car carriers/Lorry transporting cars
  • Oil Tankers
  • State transport busses

Enhanced benefits of Multitrack

  • Optimum Utilization of Resources
  • Increase Vehicles Efficiency
  • Enhance Timely delivery of the Material
  • Accuracy in Total Distance Travelled
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Effective & Driver Compliance
  • Prevent Vehicle Abuse
  • Fleet Maintenance Cost Reduction
  • Minimized Overtime Costs
  • Protection and Safety for driver, vehicle and carried in material
  • Scheduled Verification

Highlights of Multitrack:

  • Vector based customizable GIS MAP Services available with three different views (Street, Satellite & Hybrid).
  • System Architecture is Scalable to add more features as per specific (customer) requirement.
  • Company Owned Web Hosted Application (Customization available as per customer’s requirement)
  • Company Owned & Dedicated Servers (No need for Customers to deploy servers of their own)
  • Adaptable to RAPL’s Electronic Speed Governor – Single Comprehensive unit for Speed control and monitoring.
  • In house Research & Development, Hardware Manufacturing & Application Development
  • Capability to integrate with Future Technology

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